Adventure MC Tours of Norway

Welcome to a world of adventures!


“In my opinion, touring on motorcycle in stunning scenery, is one of the best experiences you can have! In Norway, or other beautiful countries.


It was on a ride like that, in my own “backyard”, I decided to give something from my world to other people, sharing the same passion for nature, travel and exploring.


I’ve been lucky to grow up in a rural area of Norway, with miles and miles of small roads in the mountains, valleys and forests. All this makes motorcycle life a dream and a gift – if you know where to go, and I do.

Living my hole life in and with the beautiful landscape of the south-east of Norway, has given me great knowledge of where to ride, and where not to ride.

This knowledge i want to share with my customers, my new adventurous friends!


So, welcome to my world – welcome to a world of great adventures on motorcycle!”

Bjørn, founder and guide

About the founder

I'm Bjørn. I live at Farm Karset together with my wife, a dog, 2 cats and 7500 hens and roosters. My two children are now adults and out of the nest. My education is teacher in sports and outdoor life. I worked as a teacher for 20 years before starting up on the farm. I have no future in motorsport, but got my license and first bike at the age of 20. After a long break from motorcycling when raising the children, I resumed MC-life again in 2012, with no regrets! On tours with clients, I normally speak English, which is not 100% fluent, but I never have problems with making my self understood. Maybe because of a clear body language... 🙂

Farm Karset

Farm Karset is headquarter of Adventure MC Tours of Norway. This is also the meeting point for most of the tours in Norway. The address is: Karsetgutua 20 2323 Ingeberg

It's all about gravel!

One of the main slogans is ``It's all about gravel!`` All tours contain more or less gravel roads, and routes off the beaten track. All tours can be done by big adventure bikes.


The main goal and philosophy:

“Your experience is everything!”
It’s all about you and your pleasure.
We will always do our best to make every tour something special and memorable.
A ride with Adventure MC Tours of Norway is supposed to be an unforgettable adventure and give you inspiration and energy.
Adventure riding is expecting the unexpected, and we meet every challenge together, and we always do our very best to overcome it – together.

It ́s all about gravel!


People who always support and endorse our good work!