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The Mountain Adventure Tour – 2023

kr 14.900,00

A stunning adventure in the Norwegian mountains!

Tour date 2023 (6 riding days)
06 August – 12 August 2023

Arrival at Farm Karset Sunday 16:00. Finished Saturday at 13:00.

Motorcycle vacations in Norway are always amazing.
Adventure MC Tours of Norway takes your MC tour above your imagination.
Professional guides bring you into the heart of Norway, riding in the most stunning nature you can imagine. We show you the backroads of the backroads, the beautiful valleys, and the beautiful viewpoints in eastern parts of Norway, which is the real gravel heaven of this country.
On the small and broken roads, only used by locals or even only by their herds of sheep or cattle, we offer you an adventure never to forget.

The Mountain Adventure Tour is six days of riding. 1300 kilometers, mostly on gravel roads of various standards and on top of mountains with a breath-taking view.
Accommodation in the mountains or valleys, all located in the middle of the great Norwegian nature.

This tour can also be booked by private groups, minimum of 6 persons.
You can choose 4-7 days for your private group.




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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
    6 days, Hotel
  • Activity Level Some experience
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the The Mountain Adventure Tour – 2023.

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South east of Norway, Innlandet county.
Valleys: Gudbrandsdalen, Gausdal, Folldal, Østerdalen, Grimsdalen.

Days of riding:
6 days

Total kilometers:

Gravel roads of very various standard (85 %)

Level of riding:
Mediate. Experienced are also welcome 🙂
This means you have some experience on gravel roads with a motorcycle before.
You have experienced many types of unpaved surfaces and you like it!

Mountain hotels and/or cabins/apartments located in the middle of our lovely country.

Total places:
minimum 6
maximum 14 (2 guides)

14 900 NOK
Single room: +300 NOK/night
Single rooms are not available in every location

Program Tour East:
Sunday: Dinner at Farm Karset.
Monday: After a solid breakfast on the farm, we split the day into 2 stages. Stage 1 takes us on well-maintained dirt roads from the farm to Gudbrandsdalen (100 km). We stop a few times to admire the view and maybe take some pictures of the wavy landscape. After dropping our luggage at the mountain hotel, we do stage 2 with lighter bikes. We enter areas with tracks and trails and more technical riding than in the previous stage. The viewpoints are even more spectacular as we ride the ridges above the valley. We spend our first night at a cozy mountain hotel with local beer and traditional food.
Tuesday: We’re heading north! Partly on the famous Peer Gynt Road, but mostly on more unknown roads around it, as we enter the biggest mountain range of Norway, Jotunheimen. On our way, we will do several great tracks in stunning surroundings. If the roads feel too busty, there is always a way around, but if you do them, you will never regret it! In the evening we enter our next place for overnight, and the dinner is a barbeque with a cold can of something good.
Wednesday: The Blue Mountain (Blåhøe) kick starts our day with an excellent view and a lovely ride up and down. And if you think you have seen something amazing from the peak of the mountain, your imagination of beauty will reach new heights as we enter the valley Grimsdalen. “Grim” actually means ugly, but this valley is the absolute opposite of that. When we come out of the valley we go directly into an area made for fun for gravel bikers. Sand, rocks, hills, streams, moss, you name it. It’s all there for us as we transport ourselves to our next hotel, which has a sauna, spa, and wellness center with warm pools.
Thursday: This is another day with lighter bikes. We leave the luggage at the hotel and just enjoy everything this area can offer for adventure riders. The guide knows the area very well, so the program will always be suited to the group’s level, wishes, mood, etc. We only guarantee one single thing: the riding will be great!
Friday: We direct our front wheels southward, and of course on totally different tracks from where we arrived. If we feel for it, we include another mountain peak on our way, before we ride along the river through rural areas down the valley. After a while, we cross over to another valley following a looooong track loaded with pure happiness. The Roller coaster, that’s what we call one of the tracks where we stop to have a fast and furious race to the end of it. If you don’t smile on your way up and down this one, you maybe should consider a Harley and Route 66…
Finally, we enter another area with lovely scenery, following a winding river south towards our last hotel, which normally is an old farmhouse with more traditional food made by the owner herself.
Saturday: Everything comes to an end, but real adventurers take the opportunity to take the slow and bumpy way back to the farm. We are now only 70 km from our starting point at Farm Karset, but in our way of riding, it takes a couple of og hours to get back. Due to the fact that our last accommodation is pretty close to the Swedish border, most Swedish guests say “Hej då” (Bye-bye in Swedish) already in the morning and turns directly back home. But, the rest of us will arrive at Farm Karset in the middle of the day, with plenty of time to start on our way back home, where ever you come from. Hopefully, the smile on your face will last for days and your memories forever.

Minimum 6 riders
This tour is only for gravel bikes. Motorcycles and tires must be suitable for gravel roads. Allroad/Adventure bikes are recommended. Racing bikes and choppers can not be used.
We recommend knobs and soft bags/aluminum panniers on your bike

Packing list:
Casual wear and shoes for the evenings
Drinking system/camelback
Off-road boots
Extra pair of gloves
Shorts (also for the wellness center at the hotel)
Rain suit (if you do not use waterproof pants and jacket)
Long Johns
Thin wool sweater or fleece (intermediate layer)
Thick wool sweater or fleece
Long, semi-thick socks (preferably wool)
Cloth for cleaning the helmet during riding

Other useful equipment:
Camera (preferably with powerful zoom)
Action camera (incl. extra batteries and memory card)
Personal medication
Tools (incl. tire plug set and additional inner tubes, even for tubeless tires)
Duct tape, cable ties, and straps


Participants meet at Farm Karset, Hamar between 5 and 6 p.m. (16.00 and 17.00) on Sunday.
We meet the evening before the first riding day to get to know each other and have a good meal together.
This night on the farm is included in the price.

The address is: Karsetgutua 20, 2323 Ingeberg, Norway

GPS coordinates: 60.823714,11.143441


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

6 x breakfast
6 x dinner
Accommodation in the mountains
6 days with professional guide(s).
1300 kilometers on gravel roads, tracks and trails.

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Alcoholic drinks. Available on the hotels
Transportation to and from Farm Karset, Norway
Motorcycle (1 rental bike available) and gasoline
Personal insurance
Everything not mentioned in “included”




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