Niclas Elneus – Sweden

Hi I had the great pleasure to participate on the trip “Fishing and Gravel Tour” during one week – autumn 2014. It was a very well planned and fun experience. The ride went through stunning sceneries on gravel roads that led us though water passages and up to several tops. The company on this trip were experienced, fun and gave me a lot of laughs, learnings and great friendship. Björn is an experienced guide/facilitator who knows where the right gravel roads are to be found and also how to take care of a group gravel adventure bikers. I highly recommend a trip with Björn-Magne. Participation is a perfect way to discover Norway from an off road perspective. The chosen roads was perfect for large adventure bikes which suited med perfect. It definitively leads to an addiction to ride and discover more. For me it became a memory for life! Thank´s Björn-Mange. //Niclas Elneus, Sweden